What I value most in Sarcha is her balanced approach to teaching. She balances rigorous instruction, grounded in decades of experience and knowledge, with a lightness and a sense of fun. She balances commitment with acceptance. She balances guidance with a personal responsibility to also be your own teacher. Sarcha’s openness allows everyone to find their ‘fit’ in the yoga studio, and that is why when you look around the room, you see all ‘types’ of people, who have come together with a shared appreciation of yoga. It is a wonderful community that exists because Sarcha has created the environment for it to blossom. I also greatly appreciate Sarcha’s resilience and strength over the past 2 years of the pandemic. Despite what must have been, and remains to be, an extremely challenging time to run a studio, Sarcha has maintained a sense of positivity. Yogahub has helped many of us deal with this challenging time, offering relief through yoga and connection through community. I have reimmersed myself back into Ashtanga over the past 12 months, and my practise has evolved substantially over this time with Sarcha’s personalised and insightful guidance. I am so grateful for her instruction and the opportunity to be part of the Yogahub community.

Sarah Larsen

After experimenting with the odd yoga class on and off over the years, I decided to enrol in one of Yogahub’s ashtanga beginners courses a few years ago and have not looked back. The reason for this has been Sarcha’s teaching (based on experience through her own practice of over 30 years), the calibre of teachers she works with and the overall approach to practice that is encouraged at Yogahub. I’ve spent a lot of time with Sarcha in the Mysore Room, and I’ve found that Sarcha really understands that each person will be at their own particular place in their yoga journey – be that physically or in terms of how they approach their practice. Working from this, she has an ability to see how this changes over time and uses this as the basis for her teaching and support. She encourages commitment and patience, and it is by applying this to my practice that I’ve learnt so much more about myself as well as skills I can apply off the mat in day to day life. I’m also learning how to teach from Sarcha and have been working my way through Yogahub’s 200hr teacher training and the 150 hr mentioning program. While students gradually learn the more practical aspects of how to teach, we also learn so much more (underlying anatomy, history and philosophy of yoga, other yoga techniques such as pranayama and meditation). This approach gives us the ability to always step back and consider the broader context which I think makes the teaching Sarcha delivers so much more meaningful.

Jennifer Leong

I first arrived at Yogahub in 2020. I was keen to do teacher training and wanted to find a teacher and mentor that I could relate to. I couldn’t have chosen a better person and environment in which to practice. Sarcha and her team of fine teachers have been nothing but supportive to myself and indeed every person who walks through the door at Yogahub. Sarcha and indeed her entire teams caring, hands on approach is just extraordinary. As an old boy, with a multitude of physical limitations I must admit I was apprehensive when I first started the Mysore practice. However, I needn’t have worried. Sarcha is an exceptional teacher and person. She is so astute when it comes to reading my body and for that matter the bodies of all her students. She is so adept and just knowing what every student requires in terms of their practice. However, I think for me, the most important aspect of Sarcha’s teaching is her kind, nurturing non-judgemental approach. Sarcha has taught me accept who I am, in terms of my strengths and limitations. She knows what I need, and I’ve learnt to accept her exceptional judgement. Her teacher training course is extremely comprehensive. The course opened my eyes to huge depth and complexity of yoga as a discipline and has absolutely stoked a lifelong passion in me. The teachers that Sarcha brought into assist in the course were excellent and a testament to her uncanny judgement. The support and encouragement I received before, during and after the course from Sarcha and the Yogahub community is just astounding. Sarcha even helped me to get my first gig as an inexperienced yoga teacher; for which I’m eternally grateful. My only regret is that I didn’t find Sarcha and the Yogahub community years ago. I couldn’t be anywhere else. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

Jason Calvert

Returning to a Mysore practice following a lengthy break and the birth of my first child, I was apprehensive about what to expect. I’m so thankful that I have had Sarcha to guide me. Over the past few years she has gently supported me as I have navigated my way back into a daily practice. Her confident, knowledgeable, and sensitive approach to teaching has allowed me to rediscover my own strength and balance. Sarcha is a true teacher. Rather than mould you in her image she supports you to find your own path. She has a deep understanding of the needs of her students; when to push, when to tread gently, when to just relax and enjoy. You can sense Sarcha’s knowledge and experience in every instruction and adjustment she provides. Sarcha has now supported me through my second pregnancy and post partum period; a truly magical time in my life and one which has been greatly enhanced by my daily practice. Throughout this time I have felt completely safe in Sarcha’s hands. Sarcha is generous with her time, energy and wisdom. She is patient, encouraging and fun. Sarcha has created a space that is welcoming to all and it truly is a joy to practice with her.

Sophie McKenzie

Five years into my yoga teaching journey I was looking for a mentor and I feel so lucky to have found Sarcha. Her expert guidance over the last year has been priceless. Her ability to impart knowledge with warmth, encouragement, and not an ounce of ego is what makes Sarcha so special. It’s clear how much thought Sarcha has put into the modules in her curriculum, each one an important foundation for a well rounded yoga practitioner and teacher. With a deeper understanding of Yoga philosophy, history and hands on adjustment training, my teaching has improved markedly while being under Sarcha’s mentorship. During my mentorship I have been lucky enough to sit in on some of Sarcha’s teacher training modules and wish I had been so lucky during my own teacher training to receive that standard of teaching. The guest teachers in the program have also been great, proving how astute Sarcha has been in her selection of instructors. A great mentor leads by example, and for this reason I believe Sarcha is an excellent mentor. One only has to look at the community she has built at Yogahub to see it. Sarcha is not only one of the best in the biz, she also has an enormous heart. Thank you Sarcha!!

Fiona Stirling

Thanks Sarcha for your sensitive, intuitive adjustments which come from years in the game as well as who you be, as it were. At this particular time, I can access more space and relax more deeply… that is gold. As a student/client/customer… you listen to and addressed my particular request, beautifully so. So I would say a deeply personalised service, no matter what your experience. If you are looking to learn foundations or beginners, or you are an experienced yogi or you would like to simply dip your toe in, you can. It’s a wonderful place to feel nurtured and challenged, whatever you choose and both can be on the same day. Sarcha and her team of experienced teachers are fully present as they offer a variety of all things yoga at YogaHub. And I mean all things: Yin, Philosophy, Hatha, Sound, Ashtanga, Flow, Nidra, Mysore, Sanskrit, emanating out of Sarcha’s Training in classical yoga and wish to invite people to experience deep peace and joy within which is a natural by product of the daily practice of yoga. See and experience for yourself. From a Golden Yogi who has put 10,000 hours and some into yoga practice, training, teaching and 30 years as a Registered Nurse.

Niamh Shaw

Her level of knowledge is by far the most comprehensive of any yoga teacher I have known in 20 years of doing yoga. Thank you Sarcha, you’re really amazing!

Joanne Morup

When I started my Ashtanga yoga beginners’ course with Sarcha and her team in January, shoulder stands and head stands for the first time at the age of 52 were the last thing on my mind. Whilst I have a long way to go, I am wrapped with where I have progressed to so far thanks to Sarcha and Yogahub. I’ve gone from unable to reach my toes with my fingertips to palms on the ground, and so many other improvements. There is something special about the energy in the room at Yogahub, you need to try it to appreciate it, yoga at home is no comparison. It’s like going into a time warp where 90 minutes goes by so quickly as you go about your lengthening and strengthening routine. It’s so rewarding when you feel yourself reach a new milestone in your effort to become better at the practice. Sarcha is always in the room keeping an eye on your performance, her knowledge of yoga is immeasurable. The way I see it, if there was a black belt grading for yoga, I’d say Sarcha would be a 5th Dan black belt and me, a humble yellow belt for now. My progress has been enhanced with Sarcha’s coaching and precise explanation of how to take each posture to the next level. Prior to yoga I had issues which brought on pain in my lower back and in the rotator cuffs in my shoulders. Now I feel these issues are almost non-existent and it’s all thanks to Yoga. It’s the best form of exercise I have ever done, and my only regret is I wish I had started it when I was 20… and I’ve gained at least 20 metres in my golf drive! Thanks Sarcha.

Dino Nicolo

Thank you for the most amazing year. This year with your teachings, guidance and encouragement I have felt very blessed. Thank you for being such a sturdy mentor. You have taught from the heart and passed on a piece for us to nourish, grow, and share.

Tamzin Mulder

I had the privilege of completing my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training under Sarcha’s guidance, over the course of almost a year. The program was very comprehensive, covering much more of Yoga than just the asana, the physical postures. There was no rush, with sessions being spread out to allow absorption and practice of concepts and techniques before moving on. The full spectrum of Yoga would take more than a lifetime to master, however this course gave me a wonderful exposure to the key concepts and a solid basis on which to continue my yoga journey. Thank you, Sarcha.

Sarah Henshaw

I spent many years waiting to find a teacher to do a teacher training course. Sarcha did not disappoint. Her depth of knowledge and passion for the practise is extraordinary. Not only has the teacher training taught me a new language that I can hopefully impart to others but it has most definitely deepened my own practice. I have been able to expand my knowledge in ways that only come from a great practitioner and learnt most importantly, to extend empathy and compassion to myself and hopefully anyone whom I might have the privilege to teach. I came away from every session filled with new information to fill my own practice and knowledge to pass on to others. I highly recommend working with Sarcha if you have the opportunity.

Sarah Mullin

Sarcha is an extraordinary teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience. She goes above and beyond to support her students, give them the tools they need to express their individuality and excel in their teaching. I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn from her!

Irma Pelemis

There are plenty of yoga teachers out there but few have Sarcha’s deep knowledge of yoga and her generosity of spirit. I started yoga over 12 years ago but it wasn’t until I started Mysore practice with Sarcha a few years ago that I embraced yoga and truly understood its value in my life and that of others. Sarcha’s teaching is gentle, yet she has the insight to challenge you when you need it. Sarcha has helped me understand how to work with my anatomical restrictions through myofascial release and posture modifications. Sarcha’s lifelong commitment to the eight limbs of yoga is a rare occurrence in today’s world, but I am truly thankful to her for the knowledge and wisdom she has passed on to me as my yoga teacher in the few short years I have known her.

Lucy Sands

I started in Sarcha’s Mysore classes as a beginner to yoga. I could not even touch my toes and I remember feeling embarrassed at my inability to perform the basic postures and intimidated by how good everyone else in the class was. However, Sarcha made me feel so comfortable in her class, I soon forgot about what I couldn’t do and focused on what I could do. Sarcha teaches with confidence, patience and dedication. She is able to recognise each individuals level of practice and adjust the postures accordingly. It is obvious Sarcha has a passion for teaching yoga and her knowledge is fantastic. Sarcha inspires me to be better at yoga and I always look forward to practicing in such a supportive environment. Thank you Sarcha, you are simply amazing!

Peppita Hawkins

Sarcha was my first Mysore yoga teacher when I started as a beginner yogi three years ago and remains my teacher today. When I first stepped onto the mat, I felt very vulnerable and self conscious. She recognised this and I was able to relax under her non judgemental guidance. Sarcha has a kind, intelligent, gentle yet firm teaching manner. She seems to know what I am capable of and yet gently pushes me as I negotiate my yogic path. She is holistic in her approach to adjust the practice to my capability or injury. Sarcha is an inspirational teacher and I would recommend her teaching to any yogi of any level of experience.

Kate Webber

Sarcha has the most wonderfully compassionate and encouraging approach to teaching yoga, making it accessible to all manner of people. She is pragmatic and realistic when it comes to recognising students’ limitations, whether they be due to age, illness or injury, and this is reflected in the diversity of students in her classes and overall mix of students, class types and teachers at Yogahub in general. She recognises the value in practising different forms of yoga and as such has gathered a formidable group of teachers into the Yogahub stable. She is a brilliant practitioner in her own right, with many years training and experience under one of the most highly regarded and experienced Ashtanga teachers in Australia. If the Yogahub philosophy is carried into Sarcha’s teacher training program then it will be unique, well-informed and exciting.

Angela Jacques

Like many of us, I’ve had a fractious relationship with my body for much of my life. I found Sarcha and Yogahub right when I was ready to start accepting what my body can do, rather than being frustrated at what it can not. Sarcha is both gentle and uncompromising in her approach in equal measure, which has given me the confidence and motivation to keep returning to class – and working towards improving my practice. It’s no small exaggeration to say in a few short months my relationship with my body has transformed through my time with the YogaHub, not least that I am no longer a regular at the physiotherapist as many old injuries from a lifetime of competitive sport have started to resolve.

Peta Rule

I wanted to say thank you so much for all your support while I have been at Yogahub. I have learnt so much from you and can’t believe how much you and yoga have changed me for the better – I’m sure you hear this from all your students, but it’s true! I’m so gutted and sad to be leaving. The warm, family atmosphere at Yogahub and your personal kindness and knowledge have meant so much to me.

Tess Chik

Sarcha has a warmth and humility that makes being in her presence an absolute joy. This coupled by her immense knowledge and dedication to her own yoga practice makes for a teaching experience which not only perfects the body but enriches the soul.

Anthony Blackburn

Sarcha is an extraordinary Mysore yoga teacher, and a very likeable human! She creates an atmosphere of warmth and compassion, but also directs students towards progressing their practice. It is clear Sarcha can distinguish the abilities and challenges of my body as distinct from those around me. And she is also talented at attuning and responding to fluctuations over time within our individual bodies (and minds!) I believe she can see, and feel in her hands on adjustments, subtleties that would be imperceivable to most other yoga teachers. I highly recommend Sarcha and her Yogahub studio to everyone from absolute beginners to those who already have an advanced practice. I am very grateful for your guidance this year and am looking forward to more Mysore practice under your watchful eye in 2020.

Emma Carter

Not only is Yogahub a beautiful, peaceful and supportive place to practice but the sense of community that Sarcha works so tirelessly to create is one of the many things that sets Yogahub apart from any other studio that I have attended. Her skill level and dedication to her practice is inspiring in itself, however it’s Sarcha’s dedication and generosity of time and spirit with her students that is truly extraordinary. Her teaching method is an equal mix of perceptiveness, compassion and firmness and her commitment to technique and individualised guidance and adjustments is clear. Sarcha has encouraged both acceptance of my body’s physical limits while equally challenging me. Under her guidance and teachings I have learnt lessons that can be taken into everyday life and seen significant growth in my physical and spiritual practice as well as my overall mindset and mental health.

Sarah Meredith

I couldn’t recommend you choose this yoga teacher training more. Sarcha’s knowledge and her passion to share it is a privilege. Her quietly confident nature is something to learn from in itself and to be in her presence is to know you are in the very best hands. Team this with her humility and sense of humour and your yoga journey will be ignited. The modules are thorough and the schedule considered and accessible. The sutra and Gita teachings were/are my favourite and have taken my understanding of yoga to another level. Thank you for your mentorship Sarcha. I have learnt so much from you and have felt loved and supported the entire time.

Stacey Mackintosh