About Me

I am an advanced practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga yoga. I have practiced various forms of yoga since 1990 and has practiced Ashtanga yoga daily in the Mysore tradition since 1997. I have sustained a lifelong commitment to yoga which has included maintaining a steady daily practice through injury, life’s ups and downs, raising children and adapting to ageing.

Yoga is both my anchor and my sail, the discipline of daily practice provides a grounding to life’s challenges and triumphs. The spiritual practice helps to illuminate the path ahead and keeps me growing in the right direction. To develop a sincere and consistent practice over time brings yoga’s gifts of a strong and healthy body, the ability to focus the mind, and a place where I can turn inwards towards my true nature.

Teaching is a joyful experience for me. My approach is warm and inclusive, catering to the individual’s capabilities with a strong focus on correct technique. I focus on helping my students develop breath integration with functional movement and alignment patterns. Off the mat my wish is that this translates to more grace, stability and compassion in their lives.

I am dedicated to mentoring my students through unhurried and deep learning of the whole system of yoga. It’s a real highlight helping to connect my students with the practice and then seeing them embrace their own journey along the yogic path.

My practice

I practice and am competent to teach Primary, Intermediate and Advanced A series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, as well as Hatha and Restorative Yoga. I also run regular courses in pranayama, yoga meditation and yoga philosophy. Much of my teaching time is now spent training and mentoring yoga teachers.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Certified Level 3 Senior Teacher – Yoga Australia
  • ERYT500 Certified Teacher – Yoga Alliance
  • Certified Non-Linear Movement Method Teacher
  • Psychology degree (double major) from the University of Western Australia
  • Sanskrit language studies at the Australian National University.
  • 31 years of dedicated practice.
  • Mother to three children.

Words from my teacher…

“Sarcha has been one of my most outstanding students over the last 20 years. She began as one of my first students in 1997 in our daily Mysore program. She went on to train as a teacher with Monica and I, and we authorised her to teach in 2009 after a three-year apprenticeship. After working for us for many years teaching our morning program, we wished her well in 2015, leaving our Perth based studio to open her own studio.

Sarcha spent a very long time with us, over 18 years, and she teaches true to the spirit of our work and is wonderful example of a livelong commitment to yoga.

As her teacher and mentor I have been delighted to see her accomplish a sophisticated practice of the Advanced A Series of Ashtanga Yoga. In addition I saw her develop a sincere practice of pranayama and meditation. Her spirited and heartfelt qualities are treasured by us as her teachers as well as her students and colleagues. Sarcha has my full support as a practitioner, teacher and friend”

Gregor Maehle, 2017